Relentless by Tim S. Grover

-Being relentless means demanding more of yourself than anyone could ever demand of you, knowing that everytime you stop, you can still do more you must do more

-The minute your mind thinks, “Done” your instinct says “Next”.

-Being great means doing whatever it takes to get it done, even if it means hurting other people’s feelings.

-Boss: can’t show frustration, and negative emotions.

-Forget Great, be the best ever

-They get what they want, but they pay for it in solitude. Excellence is lonely. They never stop working physically or mentally because it gives them too much time to think about what they’ve had to endure and sacrifice to get to the top.

-Train the mind before you train the body

-love the result
-no instant gratification
-get uncomfortable

-This guy said the zone, the only sensation is anger, a quiet, icy anger, simmering under your skin..Never rage, never out of control.

— you need to figure out what gets you into the zone. What buttons do you need to push in order to get into the zone
—some people get ‘lit’ when you question they manhood, others its a physical confrontation. You need to figure out what light you up AND STAY LIT

CLEANER NEVER SHOW NEGATIVE EMOTIONS, only positive emotions if any at all.

-Its possible for an event in your life to rock you out of the zone, where you lose focus, to get back be unapolegetic about what happened or have something major happen.

-when you are in the zone, it doesn’t matter what environment you are in. you dictate the outcome of the event.

–because emotion -fear
–because when you feel emotion or fear then you put up a wall, and you can’t move forward.
–rage is irrational = lash out
–only exception is anger- controlled anger. you will still feel emotion but cleaners control them. Turn your emotion into energy.

-Think this guy is talking about our natural instincts and how it is the “dark side” but we are taught to suppress this natural instinct, which is so natural.


-In order to rely purely on instinct, you must be great at the craft, and now you are looking to move into the elite level.
-Kobe watched film, practice 3 times a day, then takes what he learns and make it better/ instinctive

-The dark side is essential to getting into the zone. You need to get rid of safety net, and judgmental opinions that hold most people back.

-staying safe means being limited and you can’t be limited if you’re going to be relentless

-Cleaner control their urges
We don’t let anything affect our mind, reflexes, and instinct.
Control urges to drink, smoke, club, girls
–Weakness would mean giving up what he craves because he was afraid of getting caught, which isn’t the case here.

—————–Relentless is ABOUT EVERY MINUTE.

Cleaners like pressure, being wound-everyday


P.161- A cleaner doesn’t respond to external pressure, he puts the pressure back on the guy trying to get under his skin by refusing to acknowledge him. Remember you don’t compete with anyone, you make them compete with you. You can control what you put on yourself; you can’t control what others put on you.

you can’t be relentless if you can’t take discomfort, and you can’t be unstoppable if you only deal with pressure when you have no choice.

Confidence means having the ability to recognize when something isn’t working and adjusting your actions

Do your thinking and planning in advance. Build your reflexes.
Gotta make adjustments as soon as you realized that you made a mistake.

– I dont think you can really understand relentlessness until you’ve faced your worst fears, and you’ve experience that internal response telling you what to do.

Feels no pressure when he screws up and has no problem admitting when hes wrong and shouldering the blame.

-laugh at yourself and don’t take every setback seriously, but face it, fix it, and prepare to do better next time.
-A cleaner focuses on the long run, not where he’s at now. BE confident you will get there.

–two things you can’t let anyone take from you: REPUTATION AND BALLS

WHEN YOU are young you have have one speed,-fast, as you mature you learn to vary your speed based on the situation.

-instinct not impulse

-as you put in the practice, and learn more and more, you are able to adjust your speed, your actions, so you no longer have to stick to one plan, and you don’t have to plan out a new one, you can improvise a plan right away.

No hard feelings, dish it, take it, be cool, hang out, but never forget.

p.194-196 funny

Even if you are the the only one pulling the weight, don’t show emotion. Negatively brings people down.

P.203 funny.

————————-We all have some form of special ability and deficiencies. Identify and make the most out of it.

Leaders have alot of things to handle. The bigger picture, the many different personalities, strengths, weaknesses.


Everything about inner drive, passion, and the cup being half full/ half empty is bull shit. Just decide what you are going to do and do it. Don’t overthink or over analyze. Forget being positive or negative just focus on gaining reflexes

You don’t have a problem, you have situations, its not negative or positive, just situations.

P225 quote: if you are ready for anything, you’re not thinking about whether its a good situation or a bad one. You’re looking at the whole picture. If you are thinking about it, you’re out of the zone, distracted and wasting energy and emotion instead of focusing only on what you have to do.
Wow. so based on what I’ve written so far.. it seems like every interaction is not good or bad, its just a situation, and I should focus on honing my reflexes and my skills to deal with that situation and not judge whether its good or bad. For example, getting girls, don’t think oh she said this, was it good or bad? who cares just hone your reflexes to deal with it and get the number.

Why give in to the weakness of second guessing and doubt and analysis that inevitably follow?


Create a plan around your priorities

Do one thing to the best of your ability. Don’t be a jack of all trades.

Insatiable- not capable of being satisfy

Best gets better- sweat the details.

Its painful to get better, a lot of pain.

IT is by being fully involved with every detail of our lives, whether good or bad, that we can find happiness

How do you react when someone comes into the room?
If you do the opposite, like go silent that is reacting.

say less, make the other person think about you while you think about the game.

Mental focus. Intelligence, class, self control.

If you don’t want to do something just say ‘no’. There is no need to explain it.

If you ever find me and a bear wrestling in the woods, help the bear.

Strategize for a different outcome.

Adjust to the situation, if you aren’t making progress fast enough.

Vocabulary words:

Apathy: absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.
Stupendous: causing amazement; astounding; marvelous
Pervasive: spread throughout
Malaise: a condition of general bodily weakness or discomfort.
Contemporary: existing, occuring, or living at the same time
Beyond Belief: astonishingly good or bad
Mutiny: an open rebellion against the proper authority
Cadaver: a corpse, a dead body
Nuance: a subtle difference or distnction in expression, meaning, response.


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